The Neotists – Three Questions Interview Series

“Three questions, one person and many creative backgrounds. We asked designers, artists, illustrators, musicians, photographers and many more the same questions about their careers and what advice they have for new creatives.”

The first of a series of 13 short Interviews I Directed/Shot/Edited for The Neotists has been released on their YouTube channel.
A new interview will be released each week.

Give them a watch on The Neotists youtube channel HERE

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Working with Neotists founder Richard Slade as the interviewer, it was a real pleasure to meet and listen to the answers this interesting group of creators from diverse fields gave.
A big thank you to all the interviewees (And Richard!)!

The Neotists is a community of creative professionals in the St Neots, Cambridgeshire area with over 300 members.
We work with other non-profit organisations, local government, schools, businesses, creative professionals and the public to provide opportunities for local creatives to meet, share ideas, collaborate on projects and run workshops and events for the community.
For transparency, it’s worth noting I am one of the Directors.

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