The Pretentious Beats?

The Tokyo Beats (c) Uchujin/Adrian Storey

The Tokyo Beats:-
A loose collective of reprobates, sometime photographers and alcohol abusers of various degrees. Talentless f&%ks with big mouths and bigger egos.

An Englishman, An Australian, A Japanese guy and 4 Americans??

7 Tokyo based Photographers producing diverse work using a wide range of digital and analog cameras.

Formed in 2007 after a joke flickr comment quickly became a co-operative forum to inspire and infuriate each other with our photography and differing world views.

And yes, I am a proud, card carrying member.


Recently we were included in a “Best of Japan on the web 2009” list over at Japanzine in the Photo Gallery section. Nothing like some free unsolicited publicity. (Must remember to buy this Jon Wilks guy a drink, should we ever meet.)


Also, winner in the ‘Poser’s Corner’ category was the MEKAS site designed my very good friend and fellow Tokyo Beat, Motionid a.k.a Sean Wood which features many of his excellent photographs and even some of mine.

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