Nakajima Hiroyuki “LIFE” Exhibition – Collaboration Video

I am proud to unveil the collaboration video I Directed/Shot/Edited for Nakajima Hiroyuki’s upcoming “LIFE” Exhibition at Bunkamura Box Gallery in Shibuya.


June 7th-13th, 2016
10:0019:30 (Last day 10:0017:00)
Bunkamura Box Gallery

The video is also available in Japanese – HERE

The film will also be playing at the exhibition and I hope to see some of you there to see Nakajima San’s beautiful work.

It has been a real honor to work with Nakajima San on this and some other projects over the past few months and I would like to thank him again for choosing to work with me on this project and for my lovely new Uchujin logo.

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