The Tokyo Beats site – Updated!

(most of The Beats-Doing what they do best-Absent without leave The Foamy Green And me cos I was taking the picture)

The observant among you will have noticed that the slideshow on the main “Tokyo Beats” page has been updated with 35 new pictures.
A little something we are trying out.
Each member will select 5 pictures from the flickr stream of the other 6 and 5 of their own.
That way you get to see what we like about each others work. Plus a little selection of images we like of our own.

First up, as it was my idea, is my selection and I have tried to select images which represent that persons work to me.

Over on The Tokyo Beats Blog are individually linked thumbnails so you can click thru to each image and so you know who is responsible for each piece.


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