New Showreel!

So, I finally got around to making a new showreel!
Yes, I know it’s longer than it should be for a showreel, but I figure if you haven’t got 4 minutes to find out if you like my work then it’s unlikely you are going to hire me anyway.
(Additional note – Please hire me:)

The work featured:-

Opening animation (Animator/Editor)
Personal work

Noel Gallagher Interview (Self-shooting Director)
Deutsche Presse-Agentur

Tuning Into Radio Muju” (Self-shooting Director/Editor)
Short Documentary –

New Day” by Handbook (Self-shooting Director/Animator/Editor)
Music Video – Cascade Records

Colour Triangle Animation (Animator)
“Directing Color with Ollie Kenchington” – MZed

World Jewish Relief – Annual Dinner Film” (Camera Operator)
Short Documentary / Fundraising piece – Duckrabbit for World Jewish Relief

Down where the wild flowers grow” ( Self-shooting Director)
Personal project

Sexsomnia” (Self-shooting Director/Motion Graphics/Editor)
Short Documentary / Art piece / Film festival piece – Personal project

A Mir buttercup” (Self-shooting Director/Editor)
Short Film / Lens test – Personal project

Neotists” (Self-shooting Director/Editor)
Short Documentary/Promotional piece – Neotists and Collusion

Michael Murfin – A State Of Change” (Self-shooting Director/Editor)
Short Documentary -Commissioned by the artist, Michael Murfin

Steve Gullick – Gullogram” (Self-shooting Director/Editor)
Promotional piece – Commissioned by the photographer, Steve Gullick

Furry Running (Animator)
Personal work

San Luca Tattoo Lounge” (Self-shooting Director/Editor)
Tattoo Shop Promo – San Luca Tattoo Lounge

ARRI Mini & ARRI LF (Motion Graphics)
MZed Courses for ARRI

A ride in a chipmunk with Dave Fradley” (Self-shooting Director/Editor)
Personal work

Rising Tide – Women At Cambridge” (Camera Operator)
Multiple short documentaries / Exhibition promo films – Duckrabbit for University Of Cambridge Library

Get In” (Camera Operator)
Multiple short documentaries – Duckrabbit for University Of Cambridge

Thomann-Hanry At Somerset House” (Self-shooting Director/Editor)
Commercial Promo Film – This Is Crowd for Thomann Hanry (Article on Thomann-Hanry site with video in context HERE)

ARRI ALEXA LF first look at BSC EXPO with Rodney Charters ASC” (Self-shooting Director/Editor)
Trade Show Coverage – Newsshooter

Planetscape web address animation (Animator) – Personal work

“Rewire Your Cables” by Little Glass Men
Used under a CC by 4.0 License

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