In Praise Of Young Men

It gives me great pleasure to present my latest short film, a collaboration with writer/photographer/armchair philosopher and handsome bastard – Mr Sean Lotman.
Written by and Staring Mr Lotman, it was filmed basically in 1 day on a 5DmkII at various locations around Tokyo and Directed, Shot and Edited by me.

The process has been an interesting one as a film maker as I have truly learnt the value of having separate sound/wardrobe/lighting and camera people,as doing it all by myself was, even for a short piece like this, incredibly difficult.
I love doing everything myself, having the control to be able to move a title over by 20 pixels because I don’t like it where it is for example.
But in film making as opposed to still photography, doing EVERYTHING by yourself is not really practical.
A lesson learned.

The music in the film is a Domenico Scarlatti choral piece called ‘Quis Non Posset’ and is performed by the rather wonderful ‘The Tudor Consort’.
(The page for the group is here:-
I stumbled across it whilst searching for some choral music to use for the film over on the free music archive, a great resource for Creative Commons licensed music.

Please leave a comment letting us know what you think of the film here or over on the vimeo page:- where you can also watch the film in HD (v. highly recommended)

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