Adrian “Uchujin” Storey – Collusion Maker Takeover – Presentation

Last week I was honored to be invited by Lee Mason to give a presentation about my work at the Collusion Maker Takeover event taking place at iMet in Huntingdon.
I talked about myself (oh the vanity:), “Boys For Sale“, “Traces Of The Soul” and the showed the Handbook “New Day” video I made recently.
You can watch my talk (shot from a terrible angle on a Galaxy S8) above.
It was a really interesting day with lots of inspiring projects being shown and talked about and I’m very grateful to Lee and Collusion for inviting me and all the great work they are doing in the local area.

After myself in the evening session LAICA gave a talk about the “bunker project” album that he and Graham Dunning made, Miri Kat & Martin Dubka played us some of their beautiful live coding meets modular synth music and to top it off the amazing Graham Dunning played us some of his unique and wonderful Mechanical Techno.

There was also food provided by the insanely delicious Guerilla Kitchen (Those “black Bean Balls” were simply the most delicious balls I’ve ever had in my mouth, if you can find them, eat some:)

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