Shall we dance?

Center Gai, Shibuya, Tokyo.
The rarely seen and almost never photographed mating ritual of the “bleached coiffure construction worker” and the “covered face fascist”.

The ritual begins with the construction worker, seen here in his usual green coloured plumage, feigning sleep in the middle of a busy pedestrian street, the perfect tactic to attract the attentions of the increasingly prevalent “covered face” species of the Tokyo blue fascist.(A bizarre mutation of the blue fascist made possible by the acquiescence of the unusually docile native animals in this particular area)

Uchujin-Shall we dance?- The ritual begins

Having attracted his potential mate, the construction worker, encouraged by the local signage, slowly and a little off-balance, gets to his feet under the watchful eye of his admirer.

Uchujin-Shall we dance?- He wakes

The chaotic but beautiful dance begins, the footwork deft and stylish, Fred Astaire really has nothing on these magnificent specimens……..

Uchujin-Shall we dance?- The dance starts

The construction worker tests the strength of his mate by placing himself entirely in his hands…….

Uchujin-Shall we dance?- A test of strength

The brief dance complete, the construction worker prepares to mark the area with his scent to ward of other construction workers and passing Shibuya boys and girls, the only natural predators in the area. The covered face fascist’s attention is now fully focused…..

Uchujin-Shall we dance?- Preparing to mark the area

The scenting begins and the fascist, overcome with passion, wrestles his prize to the ground as a frightened shibuya boy, repelled by the scent looks on in awe………

Uchujin-Shall we dance?- Overcome with passion

The construction worker, bested by his freshly acquired mate and the area duly scented, submits and displays his ‘equipment’, in a show, simultaneously of defiance and placation……

Uchujin-Shall we dance?- Displaying the equipment

The covered face fascist, his excitement mounting still further, becomes more aggressive and uses increasingly physical means to assert his authority over the now compliant construction worker…….

Uchujin-Shall we dance?- Asserting authority

Realising however, that he may not be man enough to satisfy the construction worker alone , the covered face fascist quickly calls for another member of his tribe to help in the oppression impregnation of the now utterly helpless construction worker…

Uchujin-Shall we dance?- Double dip

Smelling victory, like sharks smell blood – from several kilometers away, more of the covered face fascists descend on the construction worker, eager to prove their manliness too, something which they find easiest to do in the context of their peers and when out numbering their prey or mates with overwhelming odds.

Uchujin-Shall we dance?- The predators decend

The mating ritual complete, the covered face fascists force the construction worker – still struggling despite the clothes he is wearing clearly indicating his wish to proceed, into a waiting chariot, which will whisk him off to the fascist’s lair where there actual mating will take place, an act still not captured on camera or even in audio despite repeated attempts by Amnesty International wildlife journalists over many years…….

Uchujin-Shall we dance?- The ritual completes

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