Fluterscooter & Friends – “The Fast and the Fluterious, Tokyo drift”

Fluterscooter & Friends – “The Fast and the Fluterious, Tokyo drift” – Live at the Apple store Ginza, Tokyo, April 17th 2012

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Trevor Williams, a photographer based in Okayama and best known for his lightpainting work and asked if I’d like to film an event that was being put on by “Fluterscooter” (a Julliard trained flute player from the USA with an impressive list of credits) which involved live video lightpainting and various other musicians including a Taiko player and a beatboxer.

It sounded intriguing and I thought it would be an interesting exercise to shoot it and produce a short piece about the show, so I said yes.

The nature of the show, which involved Trevor lightpainting with video using a system he developed himself meant that there were some challenges to filming in that it would be very dark and I couldn’t use additional lighting as it would interfere with his lightpainting system.
Time was also a factor as the whole team including ‘Fluterscooter’ aka Andrea Fisher, would only be at the venue for a few hours before the show, so filming some (very) short interviews and enough B-roll would be a challenge.

In the end, I’m happy with what I managed to produce in difficult conditions, the show itself was interesting, the musicians were all very talented and friendly and that made for a fun evening.

Fluterscooter – Flute
Trevor Williams – Lightpainting
Dokaka – Mouth Music
Kazuhiro Namba – DJ
Eva Kesner – Taiko Drums
Erico Itoi- Keyboards
Masao Hirata – A/V Technician
Adam Munnings – Choreographer / Dancer
Jordan Kilik – Dancer

Special thanks to the Apple store Ginza Staff

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