Vaughn Montgomery LIVE in Kyoto part 1 – “Pastures Of Plenty”

I very briefly mentioned the greatest wedding I have ever been to or am ever likely to go to in an earlier post and one of the people at that wedding who helped to make it so spectacular was Vaughn Montgomery a musician from Ojai, California.
As part of the 5 day long festivities there was a concert one night in a bar in Kyoto at which Vaughn (amongst others) played , I was a little too drunk, happy and enjoying myself to capture his performance the way it really deserved to be, but I did manage to get a couple of songs,
Here is the first of them.
“Pastures Of Plenty” a Woody Guthrie cover. Enjoy!

Visit Vaughn’s website to hear his album and tell everyone you know –  let’s get this amazing, sweet & incredible man a record deal!

Special thanks also to Manny Santiago at for the additional audio recordings used to make this sound better than the shitty in camera audio and the legendary bloody marys that we drank every morning while everyone else was still sleeping ;)

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