2 years ago pt.3-Arnaud De Grave

Arnaud De Grave-Handsome French Bastard

Can’t believe it was 2 years ago this month when we were graced with the presence of Mr Arnaud De Grave in our little village, Tokyo.

A bad ass French mo-f%$&a , a great photographer, founding member of B.O.P., skateboard geek,  intellectual collosus, handsome bastard and just generally a damn fine human being.

So “hern42” this post is a quiet little tribute to you from an Englishman who wishes you would come back and see us again sometime.

Oh and “putain ta race” ;-)

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1 comment for “2 years ago pt.3-Arnaud De Grave

  1. ADG
    December 15, 2009 at 6:44 pm

    It took me some time to try and think about something not stupid or too emo/goth. And I miserably fail to do so. This statement makes me both stupid and goth, full scale failure… Needless to say you, reader, shouldn’t believe a word that english bastärd is writing here.

    But to be fully honest, man, I’d so much like to be in Tokyo again. It was undoubtedly amongst the best time of my life. And I miss you and all my friends there. That’s it, I’m all emo now, merde!

    Ah and yes: “oh, ta mère !” as I say sometimes.

    PS: Damn you and your photo skills, I look good (which is very rare) but I have a cloves in my mouth and my mum got pissed and yelled at me on the phone. I’ll get punished next time I see her…

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