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And I was a kaleidoscope
My Father, John Storey (Pictured above) is a damn fine human being, a man who taught me what integrity means and made it forever impossible for me to look at oil paintings of countryside scenes without slipping into a boredom induced coma, thanks to his vain attempts to educate me in the arts as a child (when all I was interested in was science and the purple one, Prince).
He is also one of a dying breed of illustrators trained in, amongst other things,  black and white drawing techniques specifically designed to print well on newsprint stock.

Recently an article written by him and illustrated with his work was published in a small English arts magazine, Venue, Who, amazingly for 2009 , don’t have a website(!), at least not one I can find.

So I’m republishing the pages here:-

Venue Magazine-John Storey Illustrator page 1

Venue Magazine-John Storey Illustrator page 2

You can also download a pdf of the article HERE.

And John Storey can be reached for commissions on:-

T: (+44) 1480 457731



If anyone does contact him because of seeing this , be sure to mention where you heard it from.
Massive good son points for me! I could use ’em ;-)

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