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It’s been a long month.
The Beats exhibition, house guests, domestic travel, increasing temperatures and the usual slew of rude people on the trains.
Not much time for photography or keeping up with my rss feeds and even less time for blog writing.

I did find time, however, to shoot a portrait of a dear friend and his lovely girlfriend who stayed with us for a week or so though.

Meet ‘Muju’.
It must be 15 years that we’ve been friends now and it still feels as inspiring and fresh as it did when we first met.
An extremely talented artist and photographer, a dub fiend and an oasis of calm in a crazy world, Muju is responsible for me first picking up a camera for anything other than holiday snaps and must be credited with introducing me to Buddhism long before he was the catalyst that first made me go to India thereby changing the course of my life forever.
I feel genuinely lucky to be his friend and even though we now live on opposite sides of the world, his thinking and world view are still so much a part of me that the debt I owe him for all he has shown me and all we have shared is unrepayable.

But enough eulogising.

The portrait of Mr and Mrs Muju was shot in a local park with three nikon speedlights, a couple of umbrellas and a little red LED flashlight.
The idea was to get all the elements in one shot.
The easiest way of course would have been to shoot Mr and Mrs Muju, the glowing Muju doll (handmade by Mrs Muju and part of a huge family of Muju dolls) and the light painting as seperate shots and composite them in photoshop afterwards, but where’s the fun in that?

What you see is essentially what came out of the camera (obviously cleaned up a little – stray hairs, slight contrast adjustments etc.)

Muju can be found all over the interwebs, but of particular interest are :-

Muju’s Flickr
Muju world

Drop buy and order a Muju doll or a muju T-shirt or even a print of one of his amazing drawings.

Oh and if Mr or Mrs Muju are reading this:-
It was GREAT to see you both, lets not leave it so long next time.
Big huge Jah love to you both :-)

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