Updated Main Site – New Responsive design with Bootstrap


A quick look at Google Analytics a few weeks ago and seeing how many visitors to my main site view it on mobile devices prompted a total overhaul of the site’s back end to make it play nice on those devices.
I have hand coded all the iterations of my site since the first one about 15 years ago, a foolish enterprise for someone who is not a web designer/programmer but one I always enjoy as it affords me the chance to learn something new.
In it’s latest incarnation that was Bootstrap.
Took me way longer than it should have but….it’s all now up, working and looking good (i hope) and fully responsive to any screen resolution/size.

I added some new content and I’m working on a couple of extra photo galleries that will be appearing there in the next month.
If you are reading this you have probably already seen my main site but feel free to have another quick look anyway…….on any device you like :)


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