Jim and all that jazz – 5D mkII video editing

I haven’t really been using the video function on my 5D, I’m not a videographer and I already have ridiculous amounts of hard drives filled with photo files, last thing I need is to start getting into HD video with all the huge files and possible new video cards mess that will get me into.
However, recently I was browsing my recent pictures folder and discovered I had 2 videos that would work together rather well.

‘I’ll just layer them together’ I naively thought.
Just drop them into some video editing software, cross fade between the two and voila.

Of course, it wasn’t that easy……it never is.

Cue several hours of google searches and transcoding video to come up with the short and not particularly impressive video at the top of this post.

I can see this whole thing is going to cause me headaches, but I love a challenge so be prepared for more.

*This video contains scenes of Jim O’Connell used without his permission and should , as with all things Jim, have an 18+ rating ;-)*

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