No one emerges triumphantly

Ah, sleeping guy, nice light, geometric elements. One for the collection…(crouch)

wait a sec, WTF??

Is that a tube coming from his………and leading into that plastic bag………….????

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1 comment for “No one emerges triumphantly

  1. Damon Coulter
    August 21, 2009 at 8:59 am

    The devil truely is in the details! Nice pic though, sometimes we don`t see the messy things in a picture until too late. That you saw the rest proves you are looking with a good eye, the optical (in brain) editing process is, I believe, no more than training and practice, learning from mistakes. I still think this is a good shot though. Maybe even more interesting because of that tube, it has a story. Not sure I want to know completely what the story is but it definately has one!
    Take care

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