Celebrating The Assassination Of Inejiro Asanuma-October 12th 1960, Tokyo

On October 12th 1960 Inejiro Asanuma the head of the Japanese socialist party was assassinated by ultra-rightist Otoya Yamaguchi during a televised rally.

50 years later Right wing groups celebrated the assassination by holding a ceremony to honor the assassination at Hibiya Park in Tokyo’s Chiyoda ward.
3 weeks later they held another ceremony in celebration Of Yamaguchi’s suicide.

The Tokyo Reporter was there at the celebrations to take pictures/video and interview some of the Right wing participants.

For more on this you can visit the tokyo reporter blog:-



or read his far more eloquent piece using this video:-


He asked me to edit his pictures/video and audio into a short film about the event, and that’s what you can see at the head of this post.

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