Genetics – Well, chimpanzee that!

Sean Miles Lotman and Russell Banks offer a lesson in Genetics

An interesting tidbit on genetics from a really great Russell Banks book “The Darling” that I’ve just finished reading.
I confess I never realised we were that closely related to chimpanzees, though I do have some acquaintances in whom the connection is clearer than in others ;-)
The photo is also an excellent excuse to plug I Do Haiku You the new(ish) blog from Sean Miles Lotman (that’s him holding the book with the polite finger gesture, you may also recognise him from a portrait I shot of him).
It’s a beautiful pairing of Mr Lotman’s diana photos and haiku’s written to accompany them.
The rss feed should really be in your feed reader.
(By plugging his blog I’m also hoping that he won’t be too pissed at me for using him to illustrate our connection with chimpanzees ;-)

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