Hasta la vista LA – Vegas and NAB bound

LA with rainbow - Uchujin 2014

Well LA has been quite the eye opener……

Had an amazing time staying with my friend the stupidly good photographer Patrick Ecclesine and his hanging with his girlfriend the stunning Donna Feldman, being driven about in his frankly outrageous 1969 Camaro feeling like a rock star.
Crazy days hanging with the lovely Sean Bonner and my old band mate, singer and raw choclatier Rochelle Von K.
Feel blessed to have seen so much of the city with the help of these amazing people. LA would have been a very different animal without them.
Quietly wish Sean Lotman, my other favorite Angelino was here too, but next time I guess.

I’ve even seen the place where the rainbow ends.

Today however I leave the city of angels and head to Las Vegas, another city etched into my shared cultural DNA, for NAB to join up with Dan Chung and the news shooter team.

Time to get to work and geek out.
Watch this space.

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