Australia Pt.3 – Singapore Airport Butterfly Garden (ok, so not technically Australia)

Disclaimer – It had been a long day, I was very tired and spaced out from travelling. The following blog post contains photos, many of them macro, of butterflies in full saturated colours. This should not be taken as an indication that I have gone soft in my old age. Normal angry young (ok, quite young) man service will be resumed shortly.That said……

Flying to Perth and back with Singapore airlines meant spending a total of 14 hours in Singapore’s Changi airport (6hrs there, 8 Hrs coming back) which would normally fill me with a dread matched only by my dread of 7 Hours in economy cattle class.
Singapore airlines and Changi airport however have managed the distinction of being the nicest airline (great vegetarian food!) with the nicest international airport terminal (sorry Dubai, but Singapore wins) I have ever experienced.
(Apart from a small incident with the check in staff at Perth airport who lied to me about the availability of Emergency Exit row seats, don’t worry you idiot I have filed a written complaint with the airline about you)

In between bouts of surfing the internet using the airport wide free WiFi and laptop points, having my feet and legs massaged for the 10th time by the free massage machines dotted about the terminal and watching the unfolding Ballardian riots occurring back in the UK on huge plasma screens from the comfort of lovely soft arm chairs with speakers in the arm rests, I discovered the butterfly garden.

Located a short wheeze away from one of the beautifully clean smoking rooms in terminal 3, The Butterfly garden is a fantastically good idea.

A tropical greenhouse filled with lush green plants, colourful flowers and hundreds of different species of butterflies.
In an airport no less. Whoever designed Changi deserves a medal………

(an aside –  other international airports take note, if tobacco is legal in your country then for fuck sake provide smoking rooms in your god damn international airports – yes, Heathrow I’m talking to you, you cunts – there is nothing more guaranteed to bring out the angry, screaming at flight attendants arsehole in me than several hours in your shitty airport with no smoking rooms. Seal me off from all the self righteous pricks who want to condemn me for an addiction more powerful than that of heroin by all means, but while you are still collecting all the tax from my addiction do NOT leave me in an area I can’t escape for hours with nothing to do and nowhere to feed my nicotine craving)

So whats a tired photographer with hours to kill to do?
Butterfly photos of course!!!
Ok, it seemed like a good idea at the time and secretly I quite like some of the pictures but if you tell anyone I’ll deny it.

My recommendation is, if you get a chance fly with Singapore airlines and don’t worry if you have a few hours to wait in Changi airport, it really won’t be anywhere near as bad as you think.

Right…..butterfly photos:-

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