Exhibition with Jim Marshall – kind of.

Sean Miles Lotman-Writer - ©Uchujin-Adrian Storey. All Rights reserved.

(Sean Miles Lotman – by Uchujin, currently being exhibited with Jim Marshall)

One of my favorite little bars in Shibuya, Amulet-D, run by my dear friend Manny Santiago currently has an exhibition of photographs by Jim Marshall, legendary 60’s music photographer.Aritake san, the devilishly handsome, bon viveur who owns Amulet is the sole Japanese agent for Mr Marshalls photographs and also a personal friend.

Artiake san is known for his impeccable taste in all things and so recently when he asked me for a print of a photograph I had taken I was more than happy to oblige.
He was a little tipsy at the time, but having not really shown any interest in my work before I was flattered and surprised even though I imagined the print ending up above his toliet or gathering dust in a closet somewhere.

How wrong I was.

The print now proudly graces the wall of Amulet, tucked away above the heads of the assorted luminaries that grace the bar on a daily basis.
(Due in no small part to Mannys legendary bloody marys – the best in Tokyo, if not asia, if not the world.)

The best thing about my print being up on the wall, apart of course from the pleasure of seeing it there every time I go for a quick bloody mary on the way home, is that I can now say I have been exhibited with Jim Marshall.
Good for my delicate ego and a nice name drop for those moments when the ‘I worked for the Dali Lama’ story just isn’t having the impact needed to shut up some boring twat I don’t want to talk to at a party.

Thanks Jim and thanks Aritake san for not hanging it in your toilet.

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