“Traces Of The Soul” Calligraphy Documentary – Official Trailer

I’m very pleased and proud to announce that the calligraphy documentary “Traces Of The Soul” has released it’s official trailer!
I’m Director of Photography, Producer and Assistant Editor with Director/Producer/Editor Martin Cooper on this feature length documentary featuring 12 contemporary calligraphers from around the globe.

Head over to tracesofthesoul.com to watch the trailer and read more about the 12 artists featured.

There’s also a twitter account, an instagram account and a facebook page for the film where you can keep up with developments and see exclusive content relating to the film.

It’s been an amazing 18 months since Director Martin Cooper first emailed asking me to shoot in the mountains of Gifu, Japan to working and forming lasting friendships with some of the best contemporary calligraphers in the world.
Working alongside a Director and Editor of Martin’s talent has been an education and a real pleasure.
I’m honored to be part of this amazing project and really looking forward to the next phase, the edit of the full film and its post production.

Watch this space.

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