A pair of Hand Poked tattoos by Gary Burns @Tattoo Workshop in Brighton

A pair of Hand Poked tattoos by Gary Burns @Tattoo Workshop in Brighton ©Uchujin-AdrianStorey
A few weeks ago when I was back in the UK I finally managed to get down to see my dear old friend and amazing tattoo artist Mr Gary Burns in Brighton.
Now, of course I wanted to see the dear fellow but I also wanted to get me some of his now famous (he’s in a book and everything) handpoked tattoos.
Gary is currently working at Tattoo Workshop in Brighton along with some other fantastic artists. Well worth a visit if you are there, great atmosphere, great music, lovely people and a truly awesome logo!

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We didn’t have a whole lot of time as I was actually in the UK to look after my father who’d had a quadbiking accident (er…wtf?) so as I wanted matching tattoos on each elbow we went for a simple Indian inspired mandala design that we both thought would look great in Gary’s beautiful fat line handpoke style and would still give us time to go out and get messed up and have food after. 

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I’m super happy with the results and even more happy I got to spend 24 hours with such a dear friend who I haven’t seen for so long.

FYI: it’s a great way to catch up with someone you haven’t seen for ages to lie on a tattoo table and have them poke you for 5 hours, plenty of time to chat;)

Next time I’m back in the UK I’ll definitely be going to see the crew at Tattoo Workshop again, and Gary, this time I want a BIG tattoo in your amazing style.


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