Looking skinny like a model…..pt 2

If you go down to the woods today you’re in for a big surprise.

Well, ok it’s hardly ‘the woods’, but lets say for instance you were walking down Meiji dori in Harajuku and you walked past the Uniqlo ‘UT’ store, you may if you glanced at the store window see someone you recognised.

Uniqlo UT Store Harajuku, Tokyo Feb 2009 - 2 posters of Adrian Storey / Uchujin

If you did recognise that person, you would be as surprised as I was when a friend called my wife excitedly to say she had seen me gracing the store front in not just 1 but 2 large pictures as part of uniqlos ‘The 11 and the only’ top stylists T-shirt campaign.
As happy as I am to be gazing out at the freaks and wannabes strolling down Harajukus’ streets, the pictures sparked a disgruntled Uchujin to storm into my agency yesterday with all guns blazing.
You see I was told that the pictures from that shoot were going to be only gracing Uniqlos website and was payed accordingly (much less than you would expect).
Had I known that the pictures were destined for prime position on the store front I would never have agreed to the shoot at that money.

Uniqlo UT Store Harajuku, Tokyo Feb 2009 -poster of Adrian Storey / Uchujin wearing Yasuhiro Watanabe t-shirt
(An aproximate redering of my face when I walked into the agency)

The usual apologies followed and I have a feeling that the guy at the agency responsible for the shoot got a good spanking for it after I left.

However, call me a cynic but after watching government ministers and large corporation CEOs on Japanese TV apologising and bowing for selling tainted ‘this’, poisoned ‘that’ or some other glorious f&^k up and being forgiven and their crimes forgotten about, the apologies in this country don’t hold a lot of water for me any more.

Uniqlo UT Store Harajuku, Tokyo Feb 2009 - Posters of Adrian Storey / Uchujin wearing Tetsuro Nagase t-shirt
(petulant and completely unamused face at whichever unproffessional d&*k is responsible for this f&*k up)

The agency responsible (who I will not name, though I admit to being tempted) for this have promised to ‘look into it’, as if thats going to make me feel any better.

As far as I’m concerned it’s a breach of a verbal contract between me and them and the only thing that is going to make me any less angry about it is cold hard cash.

So, whilst I should be happy to be a balding nearly 40 year old who is still able to cut it (barely;-) as a model the whole thing has left a decidedly unpleasant taste in my mouth.

So, if you do go down to the woods today, do me a favour and don’t buy a Uniqlo T-shirt.

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