Steve Gullick – “Gullogram” book promo video

My good friend Steve Gullick (the frankly legendary music photographer) just put out his 2nd book of phone photographs entitled “gullogram” so I decided to make a little video to help promote it.

You can buy the book HERE (but watch the video first:)

If you’ve read a music magazine or bought an album by pretty much any band using guitars properly in the last 30 years chances are you’ve seen Steves work.
(THOSE Nirvana photographs?……. Mr. Gullick).
Over on his Instagram, a different kind of work is prevalent though, more of a “visual diary” as he describes it. This is where the photos in “gullogram” come from.

The video was originally conceived as an Instagram piece, but as soon as I put a mic on him I realised something longer was going to be necessary, plus how many people watch videos with sound on Instagram?
Frankly, we could have talked for an hour on the subject of just this, let alone Steves other work and that conversation may (or may not) be forthcoming in the future.
As it is you get 3 ish minutes of Mr. Gullicks dulcet tones on the book and phone photography.

Shot with my current lens obsession the Helios 40 85mm F1.5 on a Sony A7III.

Edited in Davinci Resolve 16 Beta.

Hugh Doolan “Persephone’s Guitar”
Used under a Creative Commons CC by 3.0 license

All photographs © Steve Gullick 2019
“gullogram” available from –

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