A word about photo / video usage

The internet often feels a little like the wild west, little thought is paid to copyright laws and ethics.

In the early 21st century curation / re-blogging sites have become common, everyone links to everyone else’s work.

I propose a simple code of conduct for anyone wishing to use my images or videos:-

No advertising and making no money from your blog/site?

Please!, use my stuff (with a credit and link back to me), in fact I’m flattered.
BUT, PLEASE ASK FIRST!, An email would be appreciated so that I can promote your site too.

Have advertising and making money from your blog/site?

Have the decency to ask me first and be prepared to be told you will have to pay.
Otherwise you are making money from my content without asking.
It is morally and legally questionable not to mention fucking rude.

For the record in all my videos I only use creative commons music or images and always credit the authors and link to them.
Or I personally know the author of the works and have their explicit permission.


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