Kickstarter video for Shoot Tokyo : The Book – Updated funded in 10 hours!

I recently was asked to make a kickstarter video for Dave Powell the talented photographer behind the very popular Shoot Tokyo site.
He was great to work with and we had a lot of fun making the video.
Head over to his site and more importantly his kickstarter page to support the making of Shoot Tokyo : The book and to see the film.

Nerd info:

All shot with my Canon C100 with the AF Upgrade – Done by Canon Hollywood in 2 days because Canon Japan told me it would take 3 weeks!
Canon 17-55 IS lens – gotta love that IS for handheld!
Sachtler Ace tripod
Audio – Rode videomic pro and Sony UWP wireless mic.
Edited in Premiere Pro.


****UPDATE – wow that was fast! Dave’s book was fully funded in just 10 hours! Amazing. It was the great video that swung it, obviously :) ****

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