May Week Alternative – Film for Trinity College Cambridge

“May Week Alternative” set out to change the way people thought about charity and over a quarter of a million pounds raised (and counting) later, it seems they have succeeded!

I’ve done a fair bit of work for Trinity College, Cambridge over the last few years, a lot of which I’ve been unable to share so I’m really happy to be able to finally post about this awesome project set up by Trinity alumni George Rosenfeld and Areeg Emarah in 2017.

Really proud of the video above shot by myself and Oliver Sharpe and edited by me.
It’s well worth your time, amazing project and lovely people!

Read more about it over on Trinity’s site

Or visit the MWA site itself

Or even to see where else the project has spread to

Big thanks to George, Areeg & Fiona who were super fun to work with and everyone else involved :)

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