A cold Saturday in Tokyo, my day off and nothing constructive to do.
Really wanting to practice my lighting skills due to some upcoming assignments the only model available would have to do.

There seems to something inherently narcissistic about the self portrait, a stable of artists since the dawn of time. The challenge, to represent oneself truthfully, warts and all, or as is so often the case, to ‘big up your badself’.

I have always been a fan of self portraits, Mapplethorpe’s (NSFW!!) controversial image in particular sticks in my mind ;-)
More recently the work of two women photographers, flickr friends, I have really been enjoying.
Kirsty Mitchell and Kakhabad.

So back to my Saturday afternoon, in my tiny Tokyo apartment, A huge Photek Softlighter, some Nikon SB flashes and a little post work later, we arrive at this :-

Uchujin Feb 2009

Well, narcissistic it may be but it is definitely more constructive than back to back episodes of Greys Anatomy, House and The Sarah Connor Chronicles washed down with endless cups of coffee and too many cigarettes which is what I would otherwise have been doing.

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