Australia 2014 – I want to live in a land down under

Sydney Opera House ©Uchujin-AdrianStorey_2014_11_04
Sydney Opera House (This one for Jon Ellis) ©Uchujin-AdrianStorey 2014

My major take away from my recent trip “down under” was that I’ve gotten so used to the place I live despite my daily contempt for it that it’s hard to see just how much better things could be.
“The grass is always greener!” I hear you cry, but in the case of Sydney it seems to be true. The grass IS greener, the skies ARE bluer.
Australia is not without it’s problems (is anywhere?) but the quality of life in the spacious garden city that is Sydney makes Tokyo feel even more like a prison colony for the criminally perverted and moronically insane than it did before.
I could wax lyrical about all the reasons why – the friendliness, the food, the space (omg the space!), people actually looking where the fuck they are going etc etc, but what would be the point?
Now if the bastards would only give me a visa…………

Anyway. Some pictures. (disclaimer-some of them are from Melbourne too. Another lovely city)

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