I felt so safe in a warming bath of sunlight

Had a lovely hungover day out in Ogose in Saitama with Falsalama and his lovely girlfriend recently.
A beautiful wood with several waterfalls.
Just what the doctor ordered, fresh deep lungfuls of air and nature weaving her calming spell on me.
Of course, I managed to find a little darkness in all that beauty, as is the uchujin way.


The inevitable darkness I managed to find was the poster below, tacked onto a public toilet.It says that on the 2nd of June a 27 year old man from Yamagata prefecture disappeared in the woods. What with the suicide rate in Japan being what it is I hope he’s ok.

And finally, we have this scary looking guy, 鬼蜘蛛 ’Onigumo’ in Japanese, which means devil spider (!), Araneus ventricosus, a species of orb weaving spider. Near where we had parked the car at the bottom of the wood there were many of them. Apparently not dangerous, but I don’t trust an insect or arachnid with that colouring!


I highly recommend Ogose if you find yourself out that way in ‘Dasaitama’ ;-)

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