Moonwire And David Teeter

2008_11_30_5650 creamyblown
For the past week, Moonwire and David Teeter, two fellow photographers I met through flickr have been here in Tokyo.

I’ve used various forms of social networks and chat rooms for getting on for 10 years and most of the people I’ve met “offline” from other places have turned out to be freaks who I never wanted to meet “offline” ever again.

Flickr has changed all that.

I think it’s because if someone is a good photographer who loves what they do you can tell a lot about that person from the pictures they choose to post there for the world to see.
To quote a Jim O’Connell-ism, “every picture you take is a self portrait”.

Anyway, it’s been a real pleasure to meet Moonwire and David and it felt like we were already friends from the first moment.
Keep on shinning on you crazy kids.

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