28 Days Later – Tokyo Update 8/4/11

I had planned to write a long piece for today.
28 days after the disaster that struck Japan on March 11th.

The bottom line is I have nothing new to say.

All that I have written in the past month pretty much covers it.

The effects internally are the ones wreaking havoc now, things I was sure of a month ago look much less sure now.
Decisions I was convinced I’d made are unraveling before my mind’s eye.
The outward effects in Tokyo are minimal but the quake has given the snow globe in my head a damn good shake, it feels like it’s going to take a while for it all to settle down again.

So, a few shots from the past month.(mouse over for irreverent titles ;-)

***Afterword-The 7.4 magnitude earthquake last night had me jumping out of bed ready to run, something I thought I was over, I’d just started returning to my normal pre bed ritual instead of the enhanced – ‘put everything in a bag in case one comes in the night and you have to leg it’ routine of the past month. Seems Gaia isn’t done with us yet***

***Oh, and the post title – couldn’t resist it***

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