More Narcisuss

More Narcisuss - Adrian Storey/Uchujin 2009

As with my earlier post, Every now and then I have free time on my hands and no one to shoot so I end up shooting myself.
Keep telling myself its for lighting practise, keeping my hand in, trying out new setups and equipment, this time a new boom arm and softbox.
There seems to be some deeper psychological process at work too, especially in the post production phase, editing out the increasing number of dark shadows and blown blood vessels on my face, a Dorian Gray like guilty pleasure when I end up with a picture I want to show the world.
So anyway, enough navel gazing, heres the picture.

Shot with an SB28 at 1/8th power into a 60cm softbox on a boom arm directly above my head close and another SB28 1/8th power with 5cm snoot onto the background for a little seperation.
Oh and a Solis star II hairdryer on low cold air held in my right hand pointed at my face to give the hair some movement.
Eyeliner also by me ;-)

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