Australia Pt.1 – My oldest friend, black boys and cute wildlife

What do you do when the girlfriend of someone you haven’t seen for 24 years breaks into her husband-to-be’s email and begs you to fly to another hemisphere to attend their wedding?
You get yourself on a plane of course.

Months in the planning and countless white lies later I’m arriving at Perth airport in western Australia a few days before my best friend when I was 14’s wedding.

The deceit worked perfectly, the look on his face was worth the cramped economy seats and the 6 hours transit in Singapore’s Changi airport.

It’s always great to add another stamp to the passport and another country to the list and even better when it involves a renunion that is so natural after 5 minutes that the years disapear in a way that looking back as I sit here back in Tokyo brings tears to my eyes.
The years have taken their toll on both of our hairlines and our lives have been so very different but the similarities in our worldview’s and the bond made all those years ago means that now we have found each other again I’m confident it won’t be 24 years till our next meeting, I salute you my brother!!!

A huge thanks to Loren for being so devious, Bray and Charlottle for welcoming us into their home and being the most fun I’ve had around kids for as long as I can remember and of course Dave for being the Wizard of Oz and a Slaphead ;-) all at the same time.

Due to the catching up and the wedding not a lot of photographs were taken, but here are a few just to prove I really did go ;-)

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