Monthly Archives: February 2010

Rath Yatra

A lone devotee in a huge crowd prays in the path of the oncoming chariots at the Rath Yatra festival in Puri, India.

Located on the east coast of India, sixty kilometers from the Orissan capital of Bhubaneswar, lies Puri, one of the great pilgrimage sites dating back to ancient India.

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Fragments of Tokyo Exhibition – Jon Ellis, Thomas Orand, Toshiya Watanabe and 古賀大郎(Dairou Koga) 2010.02.08-02.14

In honor of my dear friend Jon Ellis (he of “it’ll all end in tears” fame) and his 3 accomplices, Thomas Orand, Toshiya Watanabe and Dairou Kogas’ exhibition at Place M in Shinjuku, Tokyo , running until February 14th 2010 I am posting 3 of my recent favorite pictures of the man who makes Andrew Eldrich look not goth enough.