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A 500 year old soba restaurant, enough sake to floor a sumo wrestler, very non-zen zen gardens and being picked up by girls in bars – My Kyoto trip

Last weekend, after 3 years in Japan, I finally succumbed and visited Kyoto, the Japan of guidebooks and western imaginations. Well, if a dear friend and his girlfriend invite you to stay at a 500 year old soba restaurant that supplies soba to the emperor of Japan and another dear friend will also be staying…


Had a lovely hungover day out in Ogose in Saitama with Falsalama and his lovely girlfriend recently.A beautiful wood with several waterfalls.Just what the doctor ordered, fresh deep lungfuls of air and nature weaving her calming spell on me.Of course, I managed to find a little darkness in all that beauty, as is the uchujin…

2 years ago…….pt.2 -special bonus edition

A special bonus edition of ‘from the archives pictures’, this time from two years ago, September 2007.
I’m increasingly interested in the progression of my own work (those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it) and the subconcious threads that run through a persons work, only noticable upon reflection some time later.
It is also a good excuse to publish some pictures that would otherwise not see the light of day.

reflect girl CLR lomo cross konica

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