Uchujin's back tattoo-design by John Storey, Tattoo by Abdullah Taqy

Finally my tattoo back piece is finished!

It’s been a long (over a year! due to me and my Tattooist never having the same days off) and painful process, but it’s done and it looks f*&king great!

The design is an illustration by my father based on the ancient symbol of the green man.
I’ve always loved the design and hope it is a fitting tribute to a great man who I have nothing but respect and love for. So Dad, this post and the tattoo are dedicated to you (even thought I know you are not a huge fan of tattoos ;-) and to Taqy a great tattoist who translated the picture from a drawing to the living work on my back.

Thank you.

Below is a short (way too short, wish I’d shot more but my battery was running out!) iPhone timelapse of part of the final session a few weeks ago.

The music in the video is “Don’t Blink” by Decipher (which is my old music making moniker – i.e. I wrote and produced it)


The only question that remains now is……what and where will my next piece be?

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