If you are feeling sinister

If you are feeling sinister
At the weekend I was assistant/2nd photographer to James O’Connell (there’s a good Irish name, padre) at a wedding.
It was in a beautiful university chapel here in Tokyo. During the ceremony, the priest only wanted one photographer in the room , so as not to disrupt proceedings too much, so I was left “back stage”………..

It’s not often you get to hang out back stage in a church and I knew that I wouldn’t be able (for obvious reasons) be able to publish any of the other photographs I took that day, so I took the oportunity to take a few of the shadowy world  behind the scenes.

Out of respect to the big guy upstairs (God™) I didn’t take any pictures of sobbing altar boys, the 52 inch plasma TV and playstation 3 set up with the game of  Resident Evil 4 paused and waiting or the piles of cash ;-)


does that look like a cross in the window?

church mouse door stop, so kitsch!

“If you are feeling sinister,
go off and see a minister
He’ll try in vain to take away the pain
Of being a hopeless unbeliever….”

Forgive me Father, for I have sinned ;-)

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