Video Production Services – Christian “Documentally” Payne and Adrian “Uchujin” Storey

Starting the new year as I mean to go on I’ve been working on a few new things with more exciting stuff coming in the next couple of months.
One of those is a collaboration with Christian “Documentally” Payne – Creative Director, Technologist & Documentarian.
(And it should be noted a very interesting, funny and nice man, you should subscribe to his newsletter – the poor dear only has 25K (!!) followers on Twitter so go follow him there too:)

Here is the video we are using to pitch for work, feel free to share it EVERYWHERE!

If there’s anything we can help you with don’t hesitate to contact us!

Need a video?
Christian “Documentally” Payne & Adrian “Uchujin” Storey have teamed up!
Should you need any top-spec high quality videography let us know. and
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