I Need Someone Much More Serious

A few weeks ago my Flickr pro account (donated 2 years ago by the lovely motionid) expired.

It was a 2 year period that saw my photography progress dramatically thanks to meeting some amazing photographers and being part of some very interesting and informative groups, there were even 3 or 4 pictures that made it to number 1 in explore, the holy grail of flickr nerds everywhere, and Flickr itself introduced me to almost everyone I call a friend now in this big crazy city.
The love affair is officially over though (not just with flickr), I’ve moved on and won’t be renewing my pro account, in fact I’ll be slowly deleting my Flickr stream.
I am much more interested in posting here on my blog, where I can brand my content in a much more personal way.

So the video above is a look back at one of the most photographically productive periods of my life and a requiem for those heady days of flickr obsession.
It’s quite long,  as it contains 489 images, but it’s quite a fun ride if you have a spare 4 minutes.
(The astute among you may notice some images that you don’t recognise from my stream, this is because the video contains all the images I’ve ever posted to flickr including ones I deleted or ones that were private)
The music is by The Red House Painters (now sadly defunct) the track is Mistress (guitar version) and is used without permission, and that is a whole other conversation.

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