I’m now a Getty contributer

Today I received an email from Getty Images via my Flickr account asking if I would like to include some selected images from my Flickr stream in the new Getty Flickr collection.

After some thought on the matter I have decided it would be crazy to say no, although I’m sure some of my photographer friends will come up with convincing arguments why not.

Well, I went ahead and signed up to the 2 year agreement, but I haven’t uploaded any pictures yet.

I’ve read quite a lot online about the Getty/Flickr partnership and have to say I’m quietly quite impressed with myself for having some images selected, especially given the nature of most of my work.

Luckily, most of the images selected I already have model releases for or they will be relatively easy to obtain, there are a couple though, for which model releases will be impossible.
Time to start carrying model releases around in my bag I guess, waking up sleeping people on the street and asking them to sign a model release for a picture I just took of them while they were drooling/throwing up on themselves could be quite a lot of fun me thinks;-)

Now all I need is some huge faceless corporation to decide to use one of my images in an international advertising campaign and pay me $$$ for the privilege.

Well you never know, stranger things have happened.

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