“Traces Of The Soul” 1st Prize Fine Art Film at Alexandre Trauner Art Film Festival-A trip to Hungary

It is with great delight and pride that I can announce that Martin Cooper’s “Traces Of The Soul”  won 1st prize in the Fine Art Film Category at Alexandre Trauner Art Film Festival in Szolnok, Hungary!

Director/Editor Martin Cooper & I (DOP/Producer/Motion Graphics) were lucky enough to attend the festival and Martin was able to collect his well deserved award in person.

The festival was one of the most well organized and pleasurable festivals I have attended.
The staff and volunteers at the festival were incredibly welcoming, the venue itself was lovely, the beer was delicious and cheap and it was a great environment for meeting other filmmakers and attendees of the festival.

And, the closing night party was……a simply awesome drunken dancing romp, that for me ended at 5am :0

Hungarian vegetarian food……well that is another story :)

I’d personally like to thank filmmakers Chris Weil & Sara Ferro, Matteo Vegetti, Frederica Pacifico and the Oscar winning animator Joan Gratz for being so much fun to hang out with and talk to during the festival, all of their films were of an incredibly high standard and I enjoyed watching them greatly. Plus anyone whose names I’ve forgotten who I talked with, my apologies.

Also a massive thanks to all the staff & volunteers many of whose names I could barely pronounce so have forgotten (my deepest apologies) but particularly Eva Demeter, her father festival director Istvan Demeter and volunteers Timea Szekely & Dora who looked after me so well.

And of course, a huge humble thank you to Director of Traces Of The Soul Martin Cooper for making the film and allowing me to be part of it and all the other members of the Traces team & Artists featured who made the film possible.

Below are (too many) photos (a couple of Cardboard Camera VR ones) of our time in Szolnok and the whistlestop 36 hours we spent in Budapest (and a video from the castle hill funicular in Budapest :)



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