Stolen pictures on

Screenshot of my stolen pictures on

We interupt the Jordan series of blog posts because of yet another copyright infringement of my photos.
This time the international hipster camera company are the ones who think copyright law doesn’t apply to them. used 5 of my pictures in their magazine without my permission.
I sent them an invoice and an email explaining that their use was theft.

A few Twitter RT’s from some of my more well connected friends later………

They took the page down and the chief of the online magazine emailed to say “I apologize for any unintentional inconvenience” and tried to shut me up with the offer of an interview in the magazine that had just stolen my pictures.
What is it about these people that makes them think I will be so excited to be featured in their ridiculous hipster magazine that is going to make me forget about their law breaking?
No offer of payment was made.

Theft is theft.

The fact that a large international company that markets itself as a cool, hipster camera and film company thinks its ok to steal copyrighted works disgusts me.

The law is perfectly clear. you stole my pictures in breach of copyright law.

Now pay me – or at very least compensate me for the infringement.

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