“A Mir Buttercup” – Mir 20M 20mm f3.5 – Video

So, I got a replacement for the Russian 20mm lens I talked about in THIS post, a later for export version that doesn’t look as cool but maintains most of the beautiful characteristics of its older brother.

Mir 20M 20mmf3.5 Lens
My “new” Russian Mir 20M 20mm f3.5 lens

So, one sunny spring evening I went to one of the largest water meadows in the UK for some wide angle flare fun with the Russian Mir 20M 20mm f3.5 on a Sony A7III, in slo-mo of course.

I do REALLY like this lens and will likely hang on to it for a while but its not very useful for video work as the convex front element means it can’t be used with screw on filters (No ND !!!) and I hate faffing about with matte boxes on these small hybrid mirrorless cameras.
You can, as I did here, shoot slomo and crank the shutter speed to get near correct exposure but it’s by no means ideal and not usable for everything.

It made for a nice little evening in the meadow though :)

I’ve also been meaning to learn DaVinci Resolve for a while so thought I’d try out Resolve 16 Public Beta.
It is not quite what I’m used to editing in Premiere, there are many things to like about it, as well as some that will take some getting used to (all new keyboard shortcuts slowing me down considerably despite the “Premiere” mapping that isn’t even close in the Resolve mapping options).
I’ll definitely be using it more.
It does render out VERY fast compared to Premiere, due to the better use of a computers GPU.

I’ve got another old Russian lens on the way and this one promises to be something special so look out for some tests with that coming soon :)

Music used with Thanks:-
432hz jazz/folk/hymns – “O Brother Man”
Used under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0) license

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