MEKAS-A Commissoned Shoot

mekas-comissoned shoot

I was recently commissioned to shoot the opening party of the MEKAS website at an insanely expensive and disgustingly trendy club in Omotesando, Tokyo called Le Baron. Luckily they had to let me in as I was working and even more fortuitously there was a free bar ;-)

MEKAS is a website for fashion professionals, featuring the latest news and analysis of the Japanese fashion market, apparently. That would explain all the expensive suits and color framed glasses. It was actually pretty cool and there were some interesting people there, like the head designer for Cartier and the geezer who designed the BMW M3…….not that im remotely impressed by that kind of thing, of course.

Oh and the site was designed and built by our very own Motionid (which is how I got the job….props to you brother ;-)

Click HERE to view the pictures on the MEKAS site

Oh and as an interesting side note (well, maybe interesting), I stayed shooting the party and enjoying the free bar until it stopped being free and then went home, only to discover a few days later that after I left Bono from U2 and Bob Geldorf had turned up.

(Originally published on The Tokyo Beats blog)

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