A road trip to Harlech, Barmouth and Ynys Gifftan, North Wales with Documentally

Ynys Gifftan ©Uchujin-AdrianStorey 2017

10pm on a random Monday…….

Me: We still meeting tomorrow?

Documentally: Can’t sorry, will have to be Thursday…..unless you want to come to Wales tomorrow morning?

Me: Er….sure, I’m in!

And it’s as simple as that to end up in a car the next morning with an interesting, intelligent and funny man for 4 ish hours traversing the breadth of the country ending up in the majestic countryside of the Snowdonia national park and the North Wales coast.
Cries of “road trip”, plenty of swearing as we gradually lost first 4G then 3G signal, some great tunes, coffee, the changing countryside and great company.

Stay in an abandoned mansion? check
Explore a truly abandoned hotel? check
Visit Harlech and don’t take a single picture of the castle? check
Watch documentally and his brother play music together at an open mic night? check
Walk out to a tiny uninhabited island in the middle of a tidal estuary? check
Drink a lot and have philosophical conversations on the nature of happiness until 3am? check
Pop into a record shop having its 50th anniversary this year? check

Feel free and spontaneous and thankful for new friends? Priceless!

Behold, some pictures…….


As an added bonus here’s a video of Mr Documentally playing Harmonica drunk with his brother on drums in a pub called “The Last Inn” in Barmouth
(Shot on my crappy iPhone 5s despite having the A7SII sat on the table……alcohol makes me stupid)

Huntingdon to Harlech

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