The Lesser Spotted Maskhole

Lesser Maskhole - a blog post - ©Uchujin-AdrianStorey 2020

By now everyone will be all too familiar with the filthy, rage-inducing animal that is the “Greater Maskhole“.
They have become ubiquitous in both urban and rural environments since the first quarter of 2020.

As always the advice remains the same, DO NOT attempt to approach these festering Petri dishes as their disgusting selfishness can leave a very unpleasant taste in the mouth (or if you are very unlucky a loss of taste and smell) and often bruising will result from the almost involuntary act of slapping yourself in the forehead whilst exclaiming your chosen expletive whenever you are unlucky enough to come across one in the wild.

The “Lesser Spotted Maskhole” however is an almost equally revolting creature that remains far more elusive.
There are in fact no known photographs of a live specimen.

Yet, if the frequency with which their droppings are sighted is any indication they are evidently prevalent throughout the entire country in huge numbers.
There are claims that they can be distinguished from their more visible siblings the Greater Maskhole by the peculiar odor of their self-centeredness alone, although there appears to be no evidence to back this up .

Scientists and all but the most moronic of observers agree that whilst the Greater Maskhole is a far greater immediate threat to the general populous, the dangers posed by the Lesser Spotted Maskhole are not to be overlooked.

We at Uchujin Films urge extreme caution due to the prevalence of both of these species of Maskhole and we can only hope that Darwinism takes its course swiftly to remove the insidious threat they pose from our midst.

****Joking aside, come on!!! You had enough sense to wear a mask, protecting all those around you. You almost had it! You were so close!
But then……FFS!
Littering is lazy and selfish enough, but littering your ‘potentially infected with a deadly pandemic virus’ rubbish that is adding to a world already hideously polluted by man? At a time like this?
Fuck you. ****

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