On the 7th Day Pt 2

All you need to know-On the 7th day pt 2

Once again while the (allegedly) omnipotent, omnipresent one was having a day off, last Sunday, the (allegedly) evil horned one and I were not.

I don’t know what Mephisto was up to, but Jim O’Connell and I were at a private party in Kabukicho, Tokyo shooting some more poledancing pictures for my “On the 7th day” series.

Well, what ya gonna do?, a good friend who happens to be a poledancer mails you asking if you want to come and shoot 10 poledancers at an exclusive little club.
As I believe I mentioned last time I wrote about this, in my mind, to say ‘no’ to a invite like that would be like admitting defeat, a person might as well, put down his camera, tuck his aran sweater into his stonewashed jeans and take up knitting.

As with last time, I of course unashamedly enjoy a good poledance show and have massive respect for those girls, but what really rings my bell as a photographer is hanging out backstage, where, because I’m friends with one of the dancers I have full access and the girls trust me enough to relax and let me take pictures.

So, presented here are 2 galleries, with a heartfelt thanks to Yuri and the other girls.

Gallery 1 – “Backstage”

Gallery 2 -“The Show”

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