Create. Every day. And making excuses does not count. – More Uchujin in LA

Create everyday......

Really great day yesterday hanging with Sean Bonner in LA.
Met DJ Muggs (he of Cypress Hill and now CMHHTD fame) and Shepard “Obey” Fairey, which was a trip.
Had dinner at Veggie Grill – literally the best veggie cheeseburger I’ve ever eaten.Ever. Those fuckers better open a joint in Tokyo or I’ll cry.

Forgot to mention that on my first day I went to Chateau Marmont for lunch. Any LA people will understand just why that is a bit odd. My buddy Patrick Ecclesine who I’m staying with is “on the list”.

Major issue with the total dicks at UPS not delivering my tripod which hopefully will be resolved today.
I’ll also be collecting my C100 from Canon after having the AF upgrade, which Canon Hollywood did in 24 Hours! Truly amazing as Canon in Tokyo told me it would take 2 weeks there.

This jet lag is killing me tho, up at 5am again this morning. Need to go buy some melatonin because I’m heading to Vegas on Sunday and will need my sleep sorted out so I can be on top form for NAB.

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